As we continue to do our part to help slow down and prevent the further spread of COVID-19 in our city, we still want to cultivate relationships within our community. We have moved our weekly Bible Reading Groups to Zoom Conferencing.

Our Bible Reading Groups are a time to read a shared bible passage with others and have a time of discussion and prayer. These Groups meet on Zoom on Wednesdays at 9 am EST and Thursdays at 6 am & 7 pm EST.

As we have mentioned before, we understand that there is a lot going on right now, and that if you are able to join us outside of Sunday's Community Group it truly is a BONUS. We simply wanted to create additional opportunities to gather as we can these days as time and schedules allow!

All Groups can be joined via with the password of "Illuminate"

Bonus Groups are our groups that take place outside of the Weekly Community Groups.

Bonus groups consist of Bible Reading Groups, Child and Youth Groups, Men's & Women's Groups and occasional Bible Studies. We call them “Bonus Groups” because we understand that life can be full, and making it to more than one gathering a week can be difficult. So it’s truly a great "bonus" during some seasons to be a part of another group in the same week!  These groups do not necessarily have shared formats and curriculum.
Visit Our Online Calendar for Upcoming Bonus Group Dates & Info

For a more detailed look at how our structure works, download our Community Playbook here.


Join us for an opportunity to read the bible from a shared reading plan with others, then have a time of discussion and prayer.
Location: Starbucks 8817 S, US-31, Indianapolis, IN 46227
Days/Times: Wednesdays at 9am, Thursdays at 6am & 7 pm
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It's just a time of Wings, Discussion & Prayer for men. Be there!
Next Meeting Location & Info: Click Here For Calendar
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All Ladies are invited to join us for a monthly time of community!
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For Elementary Aged Girls -- Join us as we study together the remarkable lives of women from the Bible!
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Just for teens - This Group will be starting soon!
Next Meeting Location & Info: Coming Soon
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