Illuminate Church Network

Illuminating hope by leading people to follow Jesus, Together.

What is the Illuminate Church Network? 
Very simply it is churches joined together in a kingdom-minded partnership. This partnership began when a new church plant and an established church in central Indiana began sharing resources, messages and team members. From there grew a kinship amongst the leadership and congregations that grew into the formation of a network to strengthen and extend these churches; while simultaneously creating a model of growing leaders and multiplying new churches throughout our state, and beyond. Watch a quick video on our partnership story below.
Better Together
While Illuminate Churches are separate churches (not campuses), unique to their community and context, these churches share in the journey of sharing the light of Jesus’ Gospel together by:
  • Sharing a common Mission, Vision & Values
  • Giving Team and Leadership Support, both personally and ministerially
  • Sharing Message Series, Graphics, Notes, Direction, Calendar and Teaching Responsibilities
  • Sharing Branding, Website and App
  • Sharing Discipleship Resources & Strategies
  • Sharing ANY of our resources to help fill gaps or reinforce strengths
  • Being in Constant Prayer & Collaboration of Direction and Vision
The Illuminate Community & Beyond
Our Vision for the Illuminate Church Network would be to multiply more Gospel Centered churches by partnering with existing churches (Outside and Inside the Illuminate Church Network), and intentionally coaching, mentoring and training leaders through our Pastoral Residencies to lead existing churches or plant new churches within Indiana, and beyond. 

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