Illuminate Muncie Leadership

Our goal as the Illuminate Muncie Team is to serve and equip our church in carrying out the mission of Jesus Christ in Muncie.
Here are some brief stories of who we are and how we got here.

Brenton Hill

Lead Pastor

Brenton’s #MyWhyMuncie
It’s been a journey – let’s just start with that! I have made it my life mission to say “YES!” to God at every chance. I haven’t always done everything right or perfect, but I have learned that the Lord is patient with me, and will continue to refine me until the day He calls me home. I am committed to that refinement whatever it looks like.

I was called by the Lord into ministry at the age of 13, however, I didn’t enter into that calling until the Lord had refined me for 13 more years. My wife and I started out as jr. high youth pastors which turned into jr/sr high youth pastors within the year.  I worked managing an asphalt plant in Portland, OR during the day and then the afternoons would be spent on my passions to serve the Lord through the church. Summers were difficult because it was asphalt busy season.  Often times I would have to work 80 + hours a week.  Knowing that was not what I was going to do for the rest of my life, my wife and I began praying with our pastors about a full time ministry role.  Faithfully, we prayed for two years as I continued to manage the asphalt plant and led the youth group.
One Sunday afternoon, I received a call from our pastor.  Her dad had called and was looking for someone to lead the youth group at a church in Muncie, IN.  He had asked if she knew anyone, and immediately she gave him our names.  When we got the call, it was an answer to prayer. We made the move to Indiana within a month and began leading the youth. Five years later the pastor retired and we were chosen to lead the church.  What an honor to lead God’s people.  We will continue to say “YES!” to the Lord and His calling wherever He takes us.
There is a lot more, but that’s the story of how we got to Indiana.  We have grown to love this city.  Recently, we purchased a home from the city to renovate.  It has become a picture to us of what God wants to do in our city – take the things falling apart from the pressures of life and bring restoration to them through the love and power of Jesus Christ.  We have a passion for the city of Muncie and the people who live here.

Aaron and Salina Gordon

Serve the City Pastors

The Gordon’s #MyWhyMuncie
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Allie Craycraft

Associate Pastor

Allie’s #MyWhyMuncie
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Allie Craycraft III

Worship Leader

Allie’s #MyWhyMuncie
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